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President Race 2012 Judge Roy Moore

Moore told The Associated Press on Monday that he's being encouraged to run by supporters in Iowa and elsewhere. He said he is deciding whether to appoint an exploratory committee, normally the first step for candidates seeking the presidency.

"It's safe to say that I'm considering it," Moore said. "I've been asked about running for president for many years."

Moore travels around the country speaking to church groups, at political rallies and at other conservative events.

Moore is a conservative Christian who came to prominence as a circuit judge when he posted the Ten Commandments on his courtroom wall. Later, he was removed from office as chief justice for refusing a federal judge's order to move a granite Ten Commandments monument from the lobby of Alabama's judicial building.

Zachary Michael, who is running a state political action committee for Moore in Alabama, said the former judge is "highly considering" a race for president. Michael said he expects Moore to announce his plans "sometime in April."

Michael said he believes Moore's conservative Christian message would play well in a presidential race. "I think the people are looking for someone different," Michael said.

Moore said he has made public appearances in Iowa four times in recent months. The Iowa Caucuses in January will be the first test for 2012 presidential candidates. Moore made an unsuccessful run for the Republican nomination for Alabama governor last year.

Moore flirted with running for the nomination of the overtly theocratic Constitution Party in 2004. Nationally known as the "Ten Commandments Judge," Moore had installed a 5,280-pound granite sculpture of an open book inscribed with the commandments shortly after he was elected (as a Republican) as Chief Judge of the Alabama Supreme Court in 2001, and then defied a federal court order to remove it -- which resulted in his being removed from the bench. He went on to become a celebrity headliner for events across a wide swath of the Religious Right including appearances at state Constitution Party events. But he didn't take the plunge.

He also made noises about running for president in 2008, but didn't go for it; and he lost primary challenges to incumbent Alabama Governor Bob Riley in 2006 and 2010.

Moore epitomizes dominionism in American politics and might be able to rally the harder core of the Religious Right should he decide to run for the GOP nomination. But there has been speculation that he is aiming for the Constitution Party nomination. If so, running as a Republican to start the campaign and switching parties in time for the Constitution Party party convention (if, as seems likely, his campaign does not break out of a narrow slice of the GOP caucus and primary pie) -- might be a more dramatic way to run for the Constitution Party nomination than if he started out with that as his publicly stated goal. But if that is his plan, it may not work out so well, since unlike other years, this time there may be other strong contenders. But still, its not a bad gambit.

But running as a Republican, he may, as The Wall Street Journal points out, sufficiently split the Religious Right faction among a number of candidates to clear the way for a more mainstream candidate.

Christian Rightists in Iowa are encouraging ex-Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore to run for president -- and that the disgraced former jurist just might do it. Republican officials in Iowa told The Wall Street Journal that Moore is getting in.




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